Pilot’s Wings

Just passed my basic and advanced drone pilot examinations in Canada. Wanted a set of wings to wear on my coat or hat. I used the glowforge platform to produce the wings in the picture. The wings should be closer together but when I try this it blocks the image of the drone. Is there any way of blocking the burning of the wings under the centre medallion? I am not proficient at Inkscape at this point but it must have something to do with layers. I was hoping that there is some way to do this from within the glowforge dashboard program.


There is no way within the UI. You need to use Inkscape or a similar app to edit the design.

If you want to share it here, any number of folks would be happy to clean that up. It’s a 10 second task.


I really must do a deep dive into Inkscape. Here is my file if anyone is interested.Pilot Wings

The file didn’t attach for some reason - try again? They come in tiny (like 10px) but they’re there. If you want to make it larger in the edit screen you can see the size and add a zero or two to make it larger.

![image|10x10](name of file)

its there just super super tiny hehe, i thought i had a messed up pixel on my screen.
Pilot Wings


It was at the end of the sentence as opposed to below! I even tried the highlighting thing :slight_smile:


Pilot Wings_V2

There you go :slight_smile: Slightly more complicated than some, but still doable!


Pilot Wings 1.svg.zip (148.5 KB)

My version

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Congratulations. Some of us droners here are Part 107 certified. We don’t have a test yet for recreational (basic) flying but that’s supposed to be coming this year - it’s only a couple years past it’s due date so that means it’s likely sometime around summer :slightly_smiling_face:

Rules and regulations in the drone world are changing in Canada. We have new regulations coming involving flight beyond visual line of sight. The exams are brutal with some people failing many times, the knowledge requirements are extensive. I had questions on my advanced exam that dealt with helicopter flight controls. Go figure.

The FAA is getting ready to allow BVLOS here. Also flight over people and delivery via drone with a Part 107. It’s all contingent on Remote ID coming next month.

The 107 exam isn’t too bad (& yeah we have questions about flight controls we don’t typically have and things about CG loading as well as radio communications that are of interest but not terribly relevant to small UAS flight.

I envy y’all. Had a large drone when they first became affordable. Unfortunately the control link only had a half mile range and my GPS lock was less than reliable. Enjoyed flying a lot, but every time my anxiety level would go through the roof. I live in a sparsely populated area with nothing but mountains and forest. Kept imagining what amounted to a mortgage payment flying off, never to be found. So my son-in-law got it for a Christmas present.


Nice picture. Nothing so scenic where we live in Ontario. Very flat and lots of farms. Still lots of fun to fly and take pictures. I know what you say about being anxious. I have over 100 flights and still feel it when I lose sight of my drone and have to rely on the visuals from the iPad.

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