Pin bed for GF

Anyone made a pin bed for their GF?

I’ve been thinking about it more and more lately.
The idea of an open pin bed and a fan to clear underneath smoke seems quite appealing

It’s been discussed, but I’m not sure anyone made one. I’ll be curious.

Try searching for “pin bed” (with quotes) and you’ll find he discussion. Just searching pin bed with no quotes finds all the hold down pins.

it’s not that uncommon in the laser cutting world in general. i’ve seen people post elsewhere about doing it. i’ve even contemplated it myself, after having made a poor man’s pin bed for a paint stand (big piece of 3/4" plywood that i used my nail gun to pop finish nails in a 1" square grid).

i think the primary benefit of the pinboard isn’t the smoke clearing as much as it will help avoid flashback.


Was gonna build one, but I think the reason I didnt is because pre-made fixturing pins with rounded tips are expensive, making a full bed size unit cost prohibitive, yet a smaller bed (IMO) is not as beneficial.

Rack Star sells rails individually. I’ve heard good things about their system. But, it would still be cost prohibitive probably.

The rack system is neat, but pricey. A self build option just with some L forms would be easy.

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