Pin Broke inside print head

I reached out to glowforge over a month ago about my machine acting weird and 2 pins were missing that connects the ribbon to the head. It still worked for the most part so I was told they were POSITIVE that they were not broken even though I could see them but not well in pictures, Today I kept getting an orange light and an error message… My printer is no longer working. I knew the problem because this is what it was doing a month ago. I took the ribbon off and behold there were 3 MISSING pins… So 3 have broke and i’m assuming the connection is lost. I have emailed like crazy to get a response because I have deadlines to meet and need this fixed ASAP. It is in Warranty for another few months but heck I’m willing to buy a new head now if I could just be sent in the right direction to do so!

Support can be slow to respond, especially if they don’t have any updates (for example, if they’re waiting for a part to come back in stock). Unfortunately, that’s the only avenue for a resolution. It sounds like you’ve had some back and forth with them before, so you’re probably not missing their e-mails, but it’s always a good idea to double check your spam folder just in case. (I recently missed a short window of opportunity to get something I was waiting for because the notice got flagged as junk mail)


Thank you! I an stalking my emails that’s for sure. I/m a bit overwhelmed at the thought of how long this will take to fix…

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