Pin Vice Rack

The next thing I made for my craft desk is to hold a tool lots of people don’t know about but is critical to working on models - with uses for pinning and magnetizing is the pin vice.

I use mine enough that I like to have two close at hand with different drill bits already slotted - so that’s why I made this pin vice rack. Holds two pin vices hanging below, with bins above to hold drill bits and paperclips (for pinning). I reworked the design to make it easy for other people to cut their own.


Here’s an example pin vice (and a good deal because all of the bits):


Very timely. I am just realizing the value of a pin vise as I get into RC flight and had been looking for a pin vise. I will probably design my own rack as that is what I do but yours is inspirational and the link to the vice is what I’ve been looking for.


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Oh that’s nice! I’ve got a wad of those floating all over the place…can never find them. :smile:

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