Pinbox 3000


I saw these guys at maker faire. It looked really cool. I think we could cut a bunch of accessories for it using the GF.

They are on their last day of Kickstarter, and they need help. Go check them out.


I got a bunch of units during the first kickstarter, love them. As do the kids (11-year-old was a beta tester). You could laser accessories, and you could also GF a replacement playfield our of stronger material (on my list so that I can doozy one up with servos and leds and solenoids oh my). Anyone here who doesn’t have one definitely needs at least one!


I like the part where the Willy Wonka man says “cardboard instant-toot.”

I really want to make one of these.


This looks like a really cool setup. I am a huge fan of pinball!


So am I. Believe that I can create a much reliable set by using Powerful GF.


Pinball! The other way to meditate besides TM in the '70s.


I saw and was intrigued by these at Maker Faire as well!


What the heck, I went in for a $28 package ($40 with shipping!). Looked kind of fun. I will like customizing it.


Same - I got in with 71 minutes left.


That’s great, shame I missed it by a day.
I remember taking a card board box lid, like the kind for printer paper. I would pull the tabs apart for one end and pretend those were the flippers and toss in a marble, presto my very own pinball machine.


Thanks for helping put them over the top. Didn’t think they’d make it for awhile.


Yeah, it did not look too good just 36 hours ago. I backed them for 2 kits (so the kids can do “battle mode”).


Battle mode is fun. Although the term is a little misleading – on a lot of playfields it’s more like a cooperative thing passing the marbles back and forth.


You did not see my kids playing with it :slight_smile:

Their sibling rivalry really came out and it was the first person to get rid of all his marbles that would win.