Ping Pong for Ants



We were gifting a ping pong table for a birthday, but it was impractical to have it on hand for the actual event. And giving/receiving a picture of an ordered gift is just so unfulfilling.

Glowforge to the rescue!



My dad would’ve just given us the paddle…in more ways than one. This is way cooler!


That’s just too cute! :grinning:


Really cool! Well done!


That is a fantastic idea! And like the extra effort of the colour for the table top.:grinning:


Great job


This is soo cool. I have some friends I play with…One was state champ back in his day (and he will embarrass you if you aren’t on your game) and the other is senior Olympics champ for his age group. (Ditto the embarrassment) this would be an awesome gift. LOVE IT!!!


This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!


Adorable! A Cabbage Patch (remember those?) scaled version.