Pins for a Client


So I have been doing quite a bit on my glowforge.

Here are some pins that I created for a client. That came out great. Not I just need to get the rest out.


Man my mind went the wrong way on this one lol.

K in a cube. K cubed
K x K x K

Oh no

But I also know k-cube is another reference for a hypercube which is probably much closer than my initial rambling


Is there some sort of weird optical illusion going on here, or are some of the cubes not actually cubical?


Looks like they’re resting at an angle due to the pin mechanism.


They have pin backs on them. :slight_smile: That is why I had on upside down so people would know why it is screwed. :slight_smile:


No that is not the KKK. It is the logo for Kinectic Communications. There are a very well established web development group in Birmingham.


Ahhh! I missed the message, there; understood the intent was for pin backs, but not that it had already happened. It was hurting my brain!


As an alternative to pins, small magnets work well for securing them to clothing without needing to Pierce the fabric.


Yeah, I use magnetic backing all the time. Especially on my clients that want name tags. But many clients still want the traditional pin backs for some reason.




Great job! It’s fun to do logos!