Pirate Mermaid

My wife and I are huge Pirates of the Caribbean fans (helps that I asked her to marry me on the atrraction). One of our favorite parts of it is the! portrait of a redheaded pirate lass (by animator/Imagineer Marc Davis) that hangs in the skeleton bar. Since Disney has never released a print of it, I decided to Glowforge up my version of it.

My wife had noticed that the foil bits on her once-a-day contact lens looked like mermaid scales and, thus, mine became a redhead pirate mermaid. It now hangs in our PotC-themed living room.



Beautiful work! :heart_eyes: I see you have built several more things with the GF as well.

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Very cool!

I love that ride so much. A little piece of me died when they put Johnny Depp in it. Stop messing with my nostalgia!

I must need another coffee. I stopped at the PotC and my mind went off track completely.


Fabulously done! They are so close to identical, but I like the face on yours so much better and I can’t figure out why!

Love the upcycling of the contact lens covers!


Yeah, the Glowforge is inspirational. That’s the previous year’s Xmas gift to my wife. Here’s more about it, if you’re interested.

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Mine is closer to Marc’s original sketch than the final painting… I felt her look was more playful in that version.

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I thought it looked familiar :thinking:

Beautiful! Love the recycled lens scales!

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Very cool… Now I want a pirate mermaid… goes with my company name and logo pretty welllogo2


Your Arrrrtwork is beautiful.


It’s a pirates life for you.

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This posting is rated Rrrrr :pirate_flag:


When my last daughter was still processing (before her birth) her mother and I were trying to come up with names. I wanted to pick a name that sounded all piratey, …like a first name of Captain or a middle name of Hook or something silly. She, being more reasonable about such things, of course said no… so we agreed on Abigail Rylee Robertson…
She didn’t realize what I had done until she made the monogram plaque for the nursery… She’s still a little mad about that one…