Pirate's Booty



Finally got around to cutting the little treasure chest design I created a year ago. (More hardware coming, but it’s coming from China, and won’t be here until mid-August…don’t really want to wait that long.)

And holding the important stuff:

It worked without modification, except for the addition of some inside bars to screw the screws into. (Where do you guys go to get short screws? It’s frustrating…everything is about 3 mm too long. Specialty model making shop?)


Looks amazing! So great to see the realization of something imagined so long ago!


That is simply gorgeous. Your desktop looks amazing. I’m falling in love with all that 'forged walnut. Nice work. :heart_eyes:


Looks awesome! Great question on the screws. I’ve never seen anything shorter than about 6mm, which could be because they just plain won’t hold in wood if they’re any shorter than that. You might have to go to something different like mini rivets.


Nice, you are just kicking butt. Next you’ll be building a whole new desk. Keep up the awesome work.


Your desk is looking gorgous with all the custom projects!! Again…a quality thing you just did there!! :smiley:


Where do you guys go to get short screws? It’s frustrating…everything is about 3 mm too long. Specialty model making shop?

I have the best luck with my local True Value.

They have a far wider selection of small machine screws than I’ve found at Home Depot or the like. When I’ve been working on my 3D printers and need short M3 and M5 screws and bolts, that’s where I’ve alwas been able to find something that’ll work.


Hobby shops that sell models, trains, cars, R/C cars, etc. usually have small hardware and screws/fasteners, although you pay a premium for them.

You might check at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or similar, they sometimes have small jewelry findings and things like jewelry box hardware.

Some small items I can actually find at one of the local ACE hardware stores. Both stores here are owned by the same people but one of them has a vastly larger inventory of fasteners. I have found some 1.5mm diameter x 5mm long screws there before. I was surprised, but happy because I only needed one. LOL.

McMaster-Carr has all sizes too. Now typically they charge a hefty premium too but for small items the overall cost is still fairly acceptable. It’s when you get into bigger stuff like $45 for a single Stainless Steel shoulder bolt that it gets ridiculous. :slight_smile:


this looks amazing!
I want to make something very similar!


This is amazing. I love the continuation of the grain from the body to through the lid. It seems completely natural but I probably wouldn’t have thought to make sure those pieces were cut contiguously until I messed up once. :slight_smile:

This gives me some ideas to try!


Awesome!! And for short screws: I’ve saved every screw from every electronic item I’ve dismantled since I was a kid, lol…


and i have just made a mental footnote about continuous grain in my head. thanks for noticing/pointing that out.


Wow, so cool! It looks gorgeous in walnut.


Woodcraft carries the tiny hinges & appropriately sized screws. Sometimes if they’re a hair long (the points stick through) I’ll put a drop of CA glue on them, screw them in and then trim off the points on the inside with a Dremel.


You’ve got a nice collection going there :heart_eyes:
Keep up the good work!


Eyeglass repair kits will have small machine screws. If you go into an optometrist or eyewear place, sometimes they’ll just give you some small screws for free. (They won’t bother to ring up $0.06.)


In my experience True Value and Ace Hardware generally have the best selection of fasteners on the shelf as far as the national chains go (compared to Lowes or HD), but they are independent franchises, so it really depends on the particular location.



they have all sorts of hardware.


That would make a cool recipe box! Nicely done. For small screws, have you looked in the wood screw section at Lowe’s or Home Depot? You can get some pretty small ones. Might still not be small enough.


You really should to a Makers Faire.