Placards for stable

Made several of these last couple of weeks to provide individualized signage for each horse from our stable at a show. The trainer is French, hence the fluer-du-lis design.

Fun little project. Learned tons about the mysterious differences between engraving “graphics” vs. “images” and how to use Inkscape to transform between the two.


Interesting, can you elaborate a bit on materials used?

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Oh, of course.

The top fluer-du-lis is made from low-cost baltic pine then stained. The placard is from proofgrade maple plywood that came in the starter kit with the machine. I could, just barely, fit two signs per sheet.

Grommets and chains from the hardware store, along with stain and varnish.

Also about one zillion pieces of cut-up cardboard boxes used for prototyping :slight_smile:


Looks good.

I think a lot of us here take those differences for granted because of work on 3D printers, cutters, cnc. other lasers, etc.
We forget how hard it was flattening that learning curve.

Glad to see you got past a part of it at least.


Very nice! The addition of the grommets is such a nice touch—really steps it up a notch.


Very good work.


Very sharp sign!


Oui! Oui! :sunglasses::+1:

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très magnifique!

Yes. That is a keeper idea for sure. Nice work.

And cardboard: I have a pile about three feet high of the cutoffs and used jigs and such.:+1:

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