Place to buy 1/8" black acrylic

Seems the proofgrade is always either going up in price,. or is out of stock. All thats available right now in black medium (1/8") is the 5"x10" sheets, and I need the full size ones. Anyone have a lead on an alternative that is close to the same as proofgrade? I bought some acrylic from inventables thats clear with black, but it stinks to high heavens and remains sticky on the edges after its cut.
Thanks for your help.

I’ve had nothing but good luck with Amazon - just make sure it’s cast acrylic.


Estreet is solid…

Estreet does have great prices, or piedmont if you need a lot. It ends up being about half the price of proofgrade when you buy a 4x8’ sheet and cut it down.

I always run down the street to TAP Plastics - they seem to have cast acrylic that is indistinguishable from Proofgrade. Costs about the same, though.

I love Delvie’s plastic. They have a website.
I am local so I go in to the shop; but I’ve heard from others that they are good online, as well.
Good quality, comparable prices.


Also my go-to these days.
Fast enough and well packaged.
If that is not enough for you, they also are cheaper than other brands. Best per sheet pricing but shipping can be costly on small orders.


Thanks for the suggestions,… looks like E street is the best bang for the buck. Placing order right now.

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Don’t forget to check the yellow pages in your area for sign makers or plastics. Some shops sell their “scraps” and cut-offs . I’ve picked up a few pounds of different acrylic colors/pieces that way/

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