PLANCHETTES made on my Glowforge

Hey guys here are some Planchettes my wife and I created from scratch , using light engraved maple plywood and med walnut plywood backer proofgrade materials, They are 6" tall and 7.25" tall in the stand! I set the engraving manually so it would be a little darker than the standard light brownish so this worked for a little darker brownish. Hope you like them! and you can follow us on jglowdesigns on facebook if you like. thanks for stopping by to check these out!


Those are beautiful! You should probably remove the settings information, though, to avoid having your post get moved to Beyond the Manual. :slight_smile:


Very nice. A full board set is one of my long term daydream projects… Dark wood, mother-of-pearl inlays.


Wow, these are beautifully done.


Heavy settings worked. Look great in a dark format.

If you are not aware, you can link shop info into your profile so when people click on your picture the link will show.
geek2nurse has a site listed, so you can click on her icon to see how it looks.


I did and thank you for that

that would be sick