Planetary square gears animated

Finally beginning to get some control over gear making. This video used gearify software.
A second planetary gear has triangular gears. What will they think of next!?


Seems the video did not work. Sorry. Efforts at reducing file size reduced file size too far …

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I see it. (Ballerinas and dinosaurs? I like the way you think!) :smile:

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My screen still shows a blank video …
Here’s a still. All 6 gears move in this configuration. Sun at center is motor driven, 4 planetary gears, and finally the ring gear.


Oh my gosh, I so love that!!!

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Very cool! The video worked for me when I clicked “open in new tab” and it was automatically downloaded.

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So very cool. I am inspired. Especially as the figures don’t need to centered on the planets.

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Amazing work!

Ohymygosh, fantastic!

Here is a video of the triangular planetary gears. This configuration has has all 6 gears moving. Since my compression seems to give a blank screen for me, a still shot is also included.

My mp4 video of the second configuration with the ring gear stationary will not load.
Undoubtedly more pilot error.


Still trying to upload the video for the second configuration of the triangular planetary gears:

For a first try at acrylics, here are two more photos of non-circular gears.
I need to learn how to use colors to get more contrast.



This is amazing!

What are you using for the motor? These look great BTW !!

The motor is a Cylewet Gear Motor ordered from Amazon. At 3 volts ( two AA batteries), it is too fast for most of the planetary gears models. About 2V is what is about right. Residents in my retirement home did not seem to notice the running gears until the dancing figures were added.


Very cool. One more thing on my list of GF projects. I need to quit my day job :slight_smile:

Let’s not forget to do some square gears, yeah?