Plans for dollhouse

For the benefit of others reading, the issue above with the shingles being cut is likely due to the fact that the UI will default to cut when material has been selected, so you need to look at the settings for the different components (in this case, the shingle detail, and the outline of the roof) and choose appropriate settings for each.

There’s no way to specify engrave, score, or cut in a source design file.


Thank you for responding to my question. and I really appreciate the updated file with the stairs.


Thank you for your generosity. My granddaughter will love this.

What a lovely gift! Thank you so much!

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Thank you!

@pauline.lally you saved Christmas!
I made your design for my 3 year old on Christmas eve and our power went out all day (12 hrs) on Christmas and this was such a hit!!!

I added a scored carpet and some Ivy :slight_smile:


Looks beautiful. This is what the community is for, to share and let others expand on designs.


12 hours with no power on any day would be a challenge. On Christmas, even more of a hardship. Your tiny house will always be remembered as the gift that played well with no electricity. Well done.


Love the carpet and she looks like she is enjoying,


Thank you so much!!!

Awesome thank you

Thank you!!!

Do you how much wood I need to buy.

Thanks for the plans.

Sorry for the long wait, I have been very busy. I believe you can do it on three 12"X 20 sheets of plywood. Hope you have fun making it.

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Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to the community. Enjoy the plans.

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Thank you for a great gift for my daughter

Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward to trying this.

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I just came across this!
Thank you so much @pauline.lally !
My kids are thrilled!



Very nice! Great design for a small space!