Plans for lasered projects


I found this site that has some plans for purchase for laserable projects
There are a few freebies too. The puppy brooch is adorable


yes it is sooo cute


Im going to use the same concept and make other animals and make personalized light switch plates, bedroom door signs…idk…I’ll think of others for childrens rooms


imma make really tiny tiki masks now


Nice find!


Good to know where my students found that one.

Came in after a weekend and this was on my desk to let me know they had figured out a way to raster on our laser finally :slight_smile:


Awww they must love you…:heart_eyes:


Just got in some 1/8" 3mm mdf. Had to try it out…:grinning::grinning:


I’m having fun today. Working on a kitty next :grin:


I am curious… are you selecting sheets of MDF which happen to be darker for the body layer, or are you rastering the whole thing?


The dark layer is actually thin dense card board…
Just working out the designs then plan on using different materials for the final project…


Like the fox. Are you adding the name part yourself, or is that in the program?


The fox is actually an original…just used the idea of the puppy for inspiration :grinning:


Very cute.


Thanks…I’m working on lots of other designs…:grinning:


I want a Glowforge so bad. It’s killing me, you folks who have lasers already. I’m going to take a break from building my bandsaw and make something with it.


The first use of your band saw?!


Technically it has been used as a tool to produce something rather than just testing. I used it to cut out the curved trunnions for the table. I’m going to try my matchbox design using the bandsaw in place of a laser. I also have to do the obligatory reindeer figure that seems to be standard.


Cant wait to see your pics!!


With you 200%!! I’m finally getting access to a laser cutter at a local fab lab in a few weeks. The non-existent availability of the mandatory orientation has been ridiculous! Especially when considering I kinda sorta don’t need a beginner’s course on how to use a laser :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Can’t wait until I can start making some ideas a reality!