Planter with lit elvish text

Made a planter as a last-minute Christmas gift. I completely forgot to take photos of the finished product lit up (or from the front), but figured some of you might be curious as to the process I used.

Cutting out letters meant there were floating wood bits that would otherwise fall out and ruin the result, so I used packing tape to remove the cut pieces from the glowforge with everything intact, carefully removed the masking, put packing tape on the exposed wood on the other side, repeated, and then used pins to push out the bits of wood where negative space should be, and gave it a coat of PVA glue (white craft glue: dries clear) to allow the leftover pieces to float. Used a ZZ plant as they don’t need much water, and used some 2-part epoxy inside to waterproof the planter well enough for the job.


Nice project, I’m always looking for new solutions to keeping text intact. I also like the engraved lines where the tabs are for the bottoms.


Gosh, it came out nice! I’m wondering what it says. :smile:

Another way to fill in between the floaters would be to put packing tape on the back side then fill the spaces with resin. You could use opaque colored resin for an interesting look. But beware, resin is another one of those rabbit holes it’s easy to get lost down.


That turned out really great.

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Looks great!

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