Plants vs Zombies

So my son looooves Plants Vs Zombies. He is autistic and anything that he likes I have to find a way to interact with his interests. Anyways, we made some giant planter beds and he thought plants in them would be cool, since they would be the plants from the game. I needed something else though to bring him in on the gardening hobby. In comes the glowforge! Suprisingly little photo editing and the guys were ready to invade the planter beds. Sure enough he loves them! Thanks @dan. Your product really let’s me interact with my son. For those with autistic children, you all know. The glowforge is amazing.


What a heartwarming story about you and your son…and a great testimonial for the power of the Glowforge.


Lovely! What a extraordinary way to reach out and connect. My heart goes to you. And Congrats!


PvZ is one of my favorite games of all time and my whole family loves it. Your son has great taste! This is a brilliant way to decorate the flower beds!

Now I may need to go cut up some zombies of my own…

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Those are the cutest zombies I’ve ever seen. Nice project!

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Outstanding!! Another “obvious” idea that I never would have come up with. So cool.

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Triffids vs Zombies? What plants are you growing that will match the story he is thinking about?

When I was about three I got the idea that if I just watered a place a flower would arise and sure enough each of the two places had a beautiful lilly come up and bloom.

Looking back I can realize that my father noticed and planted the bulbs but it was very magical at that time.

To call Autism a spectrum belies that there are far more than two dimensions to it but the metabolic issues that made a mess of my bones as it turns out is also related to that “spectrum” and if they had the medical system they have now I would have been diagnosed that way.

However hidden in the disability there are also super powers that differ widely from art to math or 3d visualization, or computer programming and I would suggest keeping a sharp eye out for it and enable it as much as possible.

What is not expressed can still be felt very deeply, even if the social skill is less than rudimentary.


Sometimes I wish I could leave multiple “likes” on a comment. This is one of those times.
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LOL - one of my friends worked on that game. He’s also an avid gardener. I’ll have to share this post with him, he’ll get a kick out of it :wink:


His type of autism is called hyperlexia. We knew something was up when he was reading and writing at 2. Like actually reading words and when we would try and hide things instead of saying things in front of him, by spelling out the words, he would just say the thing we spelled. He currently speaks 3 languages at 6 years old.

The most ridiculous thing is trying to change electronics back to english because he likes to change things to spanish or russian.


That is definitely a super power! I have been exposed to five languages and can barely manage English. I would not know where to start, but would make as many as possible available.

Thinking about it the opportunity to learn programming might also suprise what that super power could accomplish as that is also language.


A very loving story and all the responses are lovely!


These are adorable. My 4 year old grandson loved them!

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