Plastic disc on printer head metal plate broken



Got my glowforge yesterday and after my 3rd print, this broke. :frowning: It was finishing the print and going back to starting position and it “spit” that part out onto the tray.

I’m hoping there is a quick and easy fix. So disappointing!


Oh, man. That sucks.

“Good” news is it’s been seen before and the resolution there was to simply send out new parts and user instruction. I hope it’s that easy for you as well!


Nylon wheels are tough, this has to relate to how they are being handled on the way to us. But yes, as @Tom_A said, quick fix, they will just need to get the parts out to you.


Here’s the relevant post:


I’m so sorry that this happened! Thanks for letting us know.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there.

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