Player organizer

Made this fun Monopoly player organizer the other day to match my bank holder I made for it awhile ago.
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


This is a neat idea… though half the fun was hiding our money from each other and surprising the opponents with our big purchases and wealth. :rofl::rofl: i remember my surprise reading the rules for the first time… i suppose things like the money pool for free parking are unwritten extras?


I have yet to find someone willing to play strictly by the rules with me. Turns out that if you do these extra but supper common things (like free parking, rent deals, or not auctioning a property that a player lands on but doesn’t want to buy) it makes the game take much longer since you are less resource constrained.


i am a by the rules player. That keeps he games shorter and keeps skill more important in the result.


Yes…i also remember monopoly takes at least 3 hours the way my dad taught us to play. But it was family game night and we loved it. We spent that long playing all the games.


Love it! Those times are so sweet!


I love playing games and we did it alot when our kids were growing up…BUT I never liked playing Monopoly. It takes forever!! :upside_down_face:


I grew up without TV (it didn’t exist in Africa) until I think high school, and not many people bought one. Kids would get together and play, but I’ve never heard of “extras” or special rules.

If we played outside, we used to have to stuff our cash under the edge of the board, or gather up a few stones. We’d play all afternoon.

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I grew until grade school without TV (it did not exist back then. Or rather was very rare) I recall when we got a big one (for the time) and my mother insisted we see an ordinary variety show that was a “once in a lifetime” amazing thing.

There was a lot of Monopoly, Parchisi, “Chinese” checkers, and regular checkers, and Fish as I recall.


As a family, we generally sat around the radio at night. I’m not all that old (55), just behind the times where I grew up. I do remember we had it in the UK before moving there. It was cool in some ways - I’ve never cared for TV. I also learned to program in the early 80’s in machine code using punched cards…

… but I digress.


I was reading that the average American Lifespan is currently 76.1 and I will be there early next year (feeling a bit weirded out by that)

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Keep in mind that includes all of those “look ma, no hands” and “hold my beer” types that reduce the average significantly.

Having reached your current age, you’re now statistically likely to reach a bit over 85. Every day you live increases the odds you’ll live even longer.


I’m working hard to keep the average low…

Great perspective! Everyone should know this.

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Here’s one that makes it quicker: allow players to form partnerships, by letting one player sell properties to another player to complete a monopoly, for a share of the future revenue.

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This is a really great design; thanks for showing us!

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Thank you

Nice organizer! I’m not much of a monopoly person, but stuff like this would be nice for several other games I play.


“Covid is a hoax” seems to account for 2-3 years of that average alone, but it is still weird.

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