Playing with bamboo


I bought a few bamboo cutting boards to play with, and I thought I’d share the results. Still messing with print settings and vectored photos vs. plain photos. The main issue I find with bamboo is that, because it’s a bunch of reeds, the color of the engraving varies from spot to spot even though the setting remains the same. But it’s been fun to play with!


Cool! I especially like the first one. It looks like the vertical grain of the wood is working as a design element.


I really like the top one and the muted contrast of the middle one works for me too!

One thing that might work well on the photographs that have hard edges is to blend those edges with the eraser tool set to a reduced opacity. Or the gradient tool can work also. A few techniques will achieve the same thing. I think that will give it a little bit more organic of a feel.


very nice! love the first one. the second set shows really well how important contrast is.


Yeah, there’s a lot I want to do to make them prettier. I’ve been doing it all from my phone (not ideal AT ALL) so once I have access to my adobe suite I have lots of plans.


And I forgot to mention - the text on the building. That’s what jumps out to me on that one. It’s awesome. It looks like it actually has real depth as compared to any printed image.


I was really happy at how that turned out too! I wasn’t sure it would be readable when I set it to print.


Wow! These cutting boards look great! Thanks for posting!


Stunning! :grinning:


Well done! Those look great!


Very VERY nice.


That first one came out really nice! Not sure if the photo just lends itself well because of contrast or what, but I like it!


The engraving in the first photo… simply stunning. The architectural details and contrast are a sight to behold.