Playing with Dollar Store stones


I stopped at the Dollar Store, and they had bags of black stones near the crafts/fake flowers. Naturally, I had to pick some up to play with.

First discovery: They are NOT all naturally black stones. They do get tumbled with a polish and coating that makes them black.

Second discovery: engraving works better than scoring.

Third discovery: You throw full power into some of these rocks, and they get warm.

Still, some of the results are quite encouraging…especially for such a cheap material.


Oh, love the little kitty! :grinning:


Great idea :grin: looks like I will have to pick up some rocks at the dollar store


I have the kitty ready for various tasks. I need to work on a library of stuff I have the license to burn for sale, though.


I love Dollar Store experiments–it’s amazing how well these came out.


If you pull back on the power and just etch the surface, it turns white.

Another fun application is when they get wet, the white etch disappears. I have some in my bathroom sink…like in the fancy salons…lol.


Engrave works better than score because the power is uniform.


Great idea. I have some Yoga Intention stones to make and this look perfect.


Oh I’d HAVE to do one like this…


I’d love to make a bunch of these and place them randomly around town. Like little treasures people could find with weird things engraved into them. Haha!


Arcane symbols. I love it. Scatter stones engraved with stuff from “Supernatural” to really mess with their heads.




The tardis and deathly hallows look melted, cool!


The laser did a number on the coating on the rocks.


If you want. The glass artists here in San Antonio does just that. They will hide pieces all around town (Even the world now) post pics of the location for people to hunt them down. It initially started with a friend who hit his tests pieces. Ones that didn’t come out right. He didn’t feel he could sell them, so he hid them and had people hunt for them.


Howling at the moon.

@Jules this one is for you, of course.


I would fuss at you and tell you to go to bed, but…hedgehog! :smile:
(Although I think I need to hit the sack. i want to post one thing first.)


Right? It would be awesome. :slight_smile: