Playing with lasers

We have had our Glowforge for a couple weeks and have been making up a storm.

My sister’s wedding was a couple weekends ago (and of course we laser cut a wedding present [a Christmas ornament of their invitation - sorry not pictures :frowning: ]). I ran into my cousin who is a graphic designer. He does all sorts of stuff but his main work lately has been doodling monsters and contraption patterns (you can check out his stuff here: He sent me a bunch of files to try out and it was a great opportunity to try different material too.

First I made him a keychain of his social media avatar:

It came out too light the first time but adjusted the darkness of the grays and tried again. Second one was a success.

Then we engraved his logo on some acrylic:

Then came the really fun one. We made him a business card wallet out of leather and engraved it with one of his contraption patterns.

Testing engrave settings:

Final shots:

You can see that the engrave didn’t cut through the masking in all places. I think this was actually because of the difference in thickness of the leather. The test areas cut just fine and we even increased the power a bit for the final engrave. This was the longest cut we have done (about and hour) so we called it good enough and stitched it up with some green embroidery floss. I think it came out pretty neat. Definitely excited for more leather work and some possible collaborations with my cousin!


Yep! Those look great! (Definitely do some more!):smile:


That’s some fun playing!


Very nice! I’ll bet he was thrilled!