Playing with random tiles, coasters and trivets around the house

Hit the local Restore. Various tile and stone for $.25 each. Playing around and getting various results. A few of these took a LONG time for the finished product. (When you get a number that looks impossibly low, look again. It may be hours and minutes rather than minutes and seconds.)

Got to get more felt, but working on felting these with my (new) hot glue gun so that the counter/etc is protected from the back of the tiles. Each of these is inspired by a member of the family.


Laser all the things! :smile:


Indeed, laser all the things. I’ve only had 2 store trips since it arrived that did not include something to Glowforge.


You’ll start to see things next to the sidewalk that you want to pick up and test too! :smile:


Yeah, well, I DO have pockets. :smile::wink:


Curiously, a couple of these showed signs that they were almost making glass along the way.


Nice variances of materials. One of the features that sold me on GForge was the ability to visually overlay your artwork and any laser safe “found” material without registration marks. BTW Love the Honu & Mano !!

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My oldest daughter has a long-running turtle obsession.

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Beautifully done!

Might I suggest sheet cork instead of felt? It will dry faster and be more hygienic if you should ever need to wash these/they get wet.

I’ve got some cork. I might just do that if I need to.

I like the 2nd turtle and the shark the best. They’re all really cool though!

When I had my laser, (still waiting, not so patiently, for my GF) I engraved tiles all the time. I discovered a neat trick for making the image black or lots of other colors. I would use a wipe-off marker to fill the image on the tile. Wait for about a half hour and wipe off the tile with a soft cloth. Amazingly, the wipe-off marker ink stayed in the engraved area and not the tile. It’s been years and the ink is still there.


Can be done with permanent marker and alcohol, too. Where the glaze is intact, the marker won’t stick.


“Arthur I have pockets!”

Love the designs.