Please help, I’m completely new

Wow, not gonna lie. Sooo much information! Lol and my mind is already scattered due to the circumstances. A lot of what you all said I’m sure is wonderful information… but honestly. I don’t know that I completely understand it all. Some and most test… by not all. Thank you all for everything. I wish there’s a way I can repay you all… now I just hope I can take everything that you e done and said and actually do it. Lol. Either way… I can not express to you enough how much this has helped, just knowing that even if I don’t accomplish this the right way, that you all have been so willing to help. Thank you so much!


Some things that you don’t understand yet will suddenly become clear as you do things. In the case of others (like dot vs vary power), there is a difference of opinion that experience might have you with a preference eventually. Just don’t get too put out if engraving time is many hours while cutting time is minutes. Some things are determined by the universe, and for a given quality it takes the time it takes. I hope having the print is a blessing for the whole family. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Do an engrave, as HIGH as a .LPI as possible, variable speed so the photo will take on a 3d like appearance, on a piece of proofgrade wood. the people here have given you some EXCELLENT images to work with, AND if you make a mistake… FLIP THE WOOD and try again on the other side!!!



On a photograph that relief-type carving can take on a weird appearance. like the darker glasses digging into the lighter skin or with the eyes being very shaded take on the appearance of empty. etc. Fortunately, the light is very diffuse so some of the worst side-to-side issues are not present, but there are several places where shadows or dark colors look fine as a photo, but not so hot with any depth.

1355 LPI could take many hours even with 1400 speed but I would stay at or above 450 LPI and the dots will reflect what you see instead of imposing 3D where it could throw things off. Then that is why there are so many opinions and Glowforge does not endorse any that are not on their list. So some experimenting is almost mandatory unless you go with their list.


So sorry for your loss. The ‘gang’ here has given you great adivice!!


Okay. And still only ever one pass through right? Otherwise it burns?

YES! - if its NOT dark enough as long as you don’t move anything you can do a second pass!


Okay so this might sound stupid. Lol I like how this photo the “end” result looks. So I just take that one to down load correct? You kinda lost me just a little bit on the curve part but didn’t if that makes sense. Probably only because I haven’t gotten a chance to mess with all that yet.

What programs do you guys use? Ive played with like 3 different and as similar as they are they are not. So it gets frustrating.
You know

I also see that by darkening the background that way you lose the eyes? Is that pretty normal because it is a picture?

Do I have it right? Or am I missing something?

This is the little one…
Pretty good!? Lost her forehead and hair a little bit though huh?

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are you engraving this with the masking on? I would definitely remove the masking first. any fine, light lines will get lost in the masking (not to mention cleaning masking off a photo engrave is really annoying).


Did not know that! I will defiantly do!

LMAO! Poor nana! I see what you mean about losing the lighter parts…
I just made her more bald then she already was HAHA. Oh she would be laughing so hard right now! And still tell me I did a good job! <3


Where it says pattern density you can click one each end and move it towards the center. Done a bit on the left side you may see the strands of hair more, done on the right end there would be dots instead of one big hole. You lose some spread but details at the extreme ends would be better. It becomes a judgement call but better to know it is there to call.

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