Please help - i've been trying to replace my glowforge

This message is for the support team!

Hi Support,

My GF has been down since Mid December. My logs were viewed and it was determined that I needed a new machine. I was given an option to pay for an upgrade and was told to respond to an email saying that I wanted to avail of the refurbished at a cost of up to $1200. I responded but I haven’t heard anything since.

Here is the email:
Danielle W (Glowforge)

Jan 9, 2022, 5:35 AM PST

Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for sending all of those photos. After reviewing all the information about your Glowforge, we’ve determined that your printer needs a repair, as it has a problem that we can’t solve remotely. Unfortunately, that can take a long time. Fortunately, we have a better solution.

A speedy solution
Rather than waiting for repairs, we’d like to send you a newly refurbished Glowforge right away for just the cost of what the repair would have been.

Why the free upgrade?
We are upgrading to an expanded repair facility. That transition will take a while, and so rather than make you wait, we’re providing newly refurbished replacement printers.

Our main goal is taking care of you with a Glowforge that you can use and enjoy as soon as possible.

With the refurbished printer, you’ll get

  • Back to printing quickly – We will ship your replacement printer as soon as you say “yes, please,” so you can get back to printing your designs.
  • Inspected and tested for quality and function – Your Glowforge will pass the same tests that a brand-new printer passes to make sure that it will print well and live up to your needs and expectations. Our technicians take lightly used printers and replace worn parts, perform a 36-point quality inspection, and do full diagnostic testing to confirm complete functionality.
  • Great value - Refurbished printers cost more than this repair. If that sounds like a really good deal, and that it must be expensive for us, you’re right, but we think you’re worth it!
  • 90-day guarantee - You’ll get a 90-day guarantee on your new printer.

How much does it cost?
I’ve inspected all the information and error messages that we have about your Glowforge and it appears that there’s an issue in the electrical system. Repairing this requires systems diagnostics, disassembly, testing, parts replacement, quality verification, and labor, and costs typically range from $788 to $1299, plus shipping. To get the replacement printer, we’ll invoice you the estimated repair cost, plus round-trip shipping - and I’m able to discount the shipping charges by half.

Summary of costs

  • New Glowforge printer: $788 (based on the estimated cost for repair of your current printer)
  • Shipping for the replacement printer to you, and your original Glowforge back to us: $200 (discounted from the standard $498).
  • Taxes will be added to both shipping and the replacement cost.

I responded asking for the new machine with my delivery address and received the following.

|### Angie C (Glowforge)|Jan 25, 2022, 3:59 PM (5 days ago)||

to me


Thanks for contacting Glowforge support. We know you want an answer to your question as soon as possible, and we want that too.

First, can I verify a couple of things? We want to be quick and respectful, and the right info helps.

Here’s the info I have:
The email you use to sign in to
The name you want us to use: Maria Sheehan

If that’s not right, could you please reply with the correct info?

Our team replies to most messages within 24 hours, so if for some reason you don’t hear back from us by then, please read What should I do if I haven’t heard back from support.

– The Customer Success Team

PS: However you reach us, please be ready to describe what’s happening and the steps you’ve already taken, and be near your Glowforge in case we need to do any troubleshooting. This will help us give you better answers quicker.

That’s all I know… I haven’t heard anything since.

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Support doesn’t read this forum anymore. They changed the title of this page to community support so none of us can help you with this issue. You will have to email or call support to get their help.


That is pretty close to what I went through and though it hurt spent the thousand or so dollars to get the new machine that took more time on my part than on theirs. The key is to send them your decision.


We can’t help, but we sympathize. Call or email Glowforge support as they don’t monitor the forum any longer.


I really recommend you email them if the audience you are looking for is glowforge staff.

I cant blame support for leaving the forums because people were using them to post and call them out. Its ironic…But the only option is to email them. Posting here is helpful if you want to redirect your post to an audience of non staff people that are also really great with their machines and willing to help.

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Above is all true, I’ll add that support won’t reply until they have info to share - i.e. when a replacement will be available. They have to wait for the company that builds/repairs/refurbishes them lets them know.

Communication between the various outsourcers and GF staff has always been an issue, but that’s the reality of the situation. When your number comes up for a replacement, then they will get in touch.


Thank you all so much for your responses! I’ve emailed them 5 days ago, I’ll just wait and see what happens.

You’re all so wonderful.

I appreciate it. Maria.


Thank you

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Thank you so much! has your new machine worked okay? I just wish I knew what was wrong with mine, If it’s human error, I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

I’m going to try again! Thank you!!!

Great points! thank you so much.

Given the cost they quoted, it sounds like the power supply had an issue. There’s a fair amount that can go wrong there - especially since the glass tubes use really high voltages (it’s transforming your wall voltage over to something like 20-25000 volts).

I’d say it’s likely not something you did on your end unless it was a power surge or something like that.

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This the email they send when it’s the first contact - not the response. Either something weird happened, or is there a chance that you didn’t hit reply but instead clicked the email address and started a new thread?

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Mine has not had any problems and has had such excellent alignment I have not even run the calibration routine.

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