Please help, my print head moves but does not engrave but will cut

not sure if I’m doing something wrong, my print head moves, cuts, but will not engrave. I’ve turned off, took off cable and reattached, everything is clean.

99% chance that the problem is with your settings or the file itself. Easiest way to ensure the machine is OK is to print the Gift of Good Measure on draftboard or other PG material. That file uses cuts, scores and engraves.

Check your settings to make sure the engrave is not set to a power of 1. That often happens if not careful.


it must have been with the file, I tried a different one and its now working! thank you!


The most common cause of this seems to be two vectors overlaying one another in the same operation. They effectively cancel each other out when they are the same colors.


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!