PLEASE HELP. Starts fine, messes up after a few minutes!

PLEASE HELP. I haven’t touched my machine in WEEKS because I got SO DISCOURAGED. Finally tried today and it’s still doing the same thing. My project will start to do exactly what it’s supposed to. Then a few minutes in, it will stop working. Turns to scorching the material, barely etching, and won’t cut through. I’ve done test cuts on everything first and it’s fine. This has happened on all different types of material. Proofgrade, acrylic, ply. Doesn’t matter. The machine seems to give up after a few minutes. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. This is already my second pro machine. And I am really beginning to think it’s a 6k paperweight :sob:

Support will want to look at your logs to see what’s going on. Did you happen to make note of the date/time/time zone of the last print that did it?

Does it happen on every print, or just a particular file?

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This time I kept track yes. And it’s every single file. Even if I do stock images that come with glowforge app on proofgrade material. They will work perfectly one second, and the next they won’t. I just don’t understand :sleepy:

Well, let them take a look at it. There’s nothing we can see, but if you tell them the time of the last problem print they will be able to find it faster and get back to you sooner.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.