Please Help with Print

Can someone tel me what causes the print to apply this way ?

Welcome to the forum. Can you be a little more specific about what part of the print is not appearing as you hoped?

see the tiktok logo captured to the instagram logo

So the problem is probably the file since the focus looks ok and I assume the engrave settings are the same for the two images.


Really have no idea what you are referring to - maybe if you post your art it would be clearer.

image image

If it’s the line through the middle either your design has a gradient in the background, or the material is different there… The Instagram logo definitely has a gradient but you seem ok with that one so I’m again not sure.

If you could be more specific we might be able to help with more than general guesses.

Black is engraved. White is not. (The TikTok logo is doing exactly what it is supposed to do according to the colors.)

Thank you everyone gonna try again

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