PLEASE HELPPPP-tried everything, moves as if it's cutting or engraving but nothing is happening!

My glowforge was working fine and then all of a sudden just stopped working properly. It moves as if its cutting/engraving but does nothing. Ive read and tried all the troubleshooting without success. Checked the settings, cleaned the lens, mirrors, etc. Still not working! My glowforge basic is a little over a year old so I know the warranty is gone…what are my options? Please helpppppppp

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Just to double check…your power settings didn’t get pushed back to one right? Have you tried to print the gift of good measure?

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yes to both without success…

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Ugh. Support will be along shortly. Good luck!

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I am not very good at the mechanical part but I will try to help you out.

Did you put your laser head lens in upside down? Now I need for you to answer the next question honestly. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the machine? Three months ago six months ago, etc.

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no, dont think the lens is upside down and honestly , prior to last night it has been a couple months since a thorough cleaning


This lady has a great section on problems that can happen with your GF and how to fix them

ok thanks

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One other thing check that the ribbon cable is securely attached to the laser head.

I know this is very nerve rattling I have been here many times. Support will reach out to you.

I did, thanks so much for your help though…I appreciate it! and yes, so frustrating!!!

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The first 6months of ownership my GF had me in tears every other week. We get nervous because these machines are very expensive.
If I would’ve paid $10 for the machine I would not have been crying.

This is very important . Do not start another support ticket. This only slows up the process. GlowForge support is great they will be contacting you and they will want to read the logs of your machine.

At this point you need patience and I know that is very difficult to achieve at this time.

I promise you ——support will help you!!!

Will do, thanks again

To whom much is given, much is required-Luke 12:48

Shiniqua T. White, LRT/CTRS

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I wanna make you laugh so you’re not so nervous.
As I stated the first six months the GF had me crying.

Now when there is a situation with the GF ——-I have a Come To Jesus meeting with the GlowForge!!! I am screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs and very bad words are coming out of my mouth.

I have found this technique to be so therapeutic!!

lol you shouldve seen me last night, the number of expletives that came from my mouth each time I held my breathe and tried yet again with no success lol…it was bad,and yes I have to laugh to keep from crying…its sad

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Last July after 10 months of ownership— I received an E-mail from support.

Basically the E-mail stated. Your Glowforge is 100% dead there is no hope of resurrecting it!!! Send the machine back in!!! We are going to take possession of it and blow it up. Since your machine is under warranty we are going to send you a jacked up refurbished one.

I was so upset and crying!! @eflyguy a forum member could feel through my words I was about to have a nuclear meltdown. He reached out to me and we had a telephone conversation on the phone.

Now a year later he is one of my dearest friends and I love him so very much. My GF died and I made a really good friend.

When Jesus closes a door he opens a window.

One other thing ——GF support took care of me when my machine died and about 10 days later my new GF arrived.

When the issue with your Glowforge gets resolved—- I am coming to your home for dinner and I am bringing Jimmy Wayne Westie. I live in Knoxville. I am in the mood for some chicken and dumplings and fried green tomatoes.

This is what we look like so you will recognize us when we are on your front porch.


Geez, you forgot to mention shaking your fist at it.

and you call yourself a GLOWFORGER. :slight_smile:
<G, D &R>

old school pre emoji emoji anybody know it?


The essential first step that support often overlooks…


I point out that it might not change anything, well more than might not. LOL but at least you’ll feel a little better, calm down and then fix whatever the problem is.


I’m so sorry that your Glowforge has run into a problem! I see that we are working with you over email to get this resolved so I’m going to close out this post.