PLEASE make it possible to interrupt a cut and return to where you left off

The biggest thing on my Glowforge Wish List is the ability to pause the machine, open the lid, close it and return to your cut. Other lasers have this feature (i.e. Epilog). There are times when my masking peels up after being cut and I want to just remove that piece without losing the entire job. Some of my projects are an hour-long cut job! Or, at a minimum - pause and restart where you left off. You essentially pause a job with the passthrough cut - so why not program this with a regular cut.


That would be nice. Since Glowforge staff does not monitor this forum, you should send your feedback to where it will reach them.




Maybe yours will be the voice that finally gets them to make this happen, we’ve been asking for years.


Everything crossed on this one!


Ok here is how you hack the your lid tape two small magnets one on each side of the lip of the lid. When you do this right the lid will think it’s closed but will really be open. When the lid is open on the right side of the screen it tells you that the lid is open. When you get the magnets in the right two places it will change to ready. The magnets go on the lip of the lid that seats on the front door where the pass thru slot is. The placement of the magnets is about 1-1/2 inches in from the edge of the lid. I used two earth magnets I got from Harbor Freight I don’t know if the other models have this drop down door. Also if you add the magnets you have to refresh the bed every time you open the lid. Remember the machine thinks the lid is closed. This is really handy. Be careful it is a laser after all.


GENIUS! Going to test it out today.

Before you rush to buy magnets just be aware that the first warning sign you’ll get of laser eye damage is permanent blindness.

If you disable the safety feature like this then be sure you have and wear proper laser eye protection for everyone who might be in the area.


Just to clarify. The magnets go on the lid right? Anyway to shoot a picture of where to place them? I thought maybe I’d see an obvious metal spot on the lid.

Yes the magnets go on the lip of the lid. When the lid is closed they rest on the top of the pass thru door and the lid is about a 1/8 of an inch higher than the edge of the machine. But you don’t even notice it. Sorry but I can’t send a picture I am on a cruise ship off the coast of Washington on our way to Alaska. I can see if my daughter can take a pic for me. I took my magnets off, it was driving me crazy having to refresh the bed every time I opened the lid. I did mark on my machine where the go to make it easier to put them back. Let me know if you get it. It took me about 20 minutes to figure it out and get the magnets in the right place.

No obvious metal, you have to tape the magnets in place. The lip of the lid is about as wide as a piece of tape.

Just curious did you get it? I mean find the right place to put the magnets?

No…would really appreciate a photo please!

Ok when I get back to the house.


Please let me know if you got it. It takes a little bit to get it but it’s very helpful

I never thought of that but you are absolutely correct!!

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