Please please please allow us to organize dashboard

Folders please, simple folders.


Oh my gosh yes! This would definitely make Premium stand out as a premium function too! :smiley:

I can think of one thing that throws a minor monkey wrench into the folders idea. The fact that non premium users have their projects fall off the dashboard eventually. Now if you have a folder and drop in old projects that fall off that’s not an issue. HOWEVER… if you have an old folder that you keep dropping new projects in, and the folder expires… that leaves orphaned projects in a folder that no longer exists.

Simple enough logically… If folder then don’t delete… or If folder needs to be deleted, move everything within back to root (or up one level). But I just don’t think after all this time they are even thinking about it. They keep saying they are throwing it in the hopper. But I think the hopper is often-times attached to a wood chipper. Programmatically it’s not a horribly difficult task. So the only explanation that makes sense is that they have no intention of doing it.


YES. It’s maddening not to have some way to at least group things that are part of the same project.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.