Please reduce sensitivity of air assist fan error

Please pass this onto the software development team.

I get the “air assist fan error” frequently, but never when the fan does actually need cleaning.

It triggers nearly always after I have taken the print head off for cleaning and put it back again. So the trigger is not being caused by the fan speed at all.

The fan can be as clean as a whistle and the error message will still appear.

I have found cleaning the contacts - the gold strip connectors on the carriage and the pins on the printer head will help. Nine times out of ten rubbing a wet finger on the gold connectors is what it actually takes to make it work.

Once I have it working, it will usually run happily all day long until I take the print head off for cleaning again.

I suspect you are using resistance to check for fan speed. I don’t know if it is my UK weather, the humidity rating of my shed or something else entirely.

I have a basic and a pro - I see the exact same problem on both machines.

This morning I have spent 3 hours trying to get past this error.

Hi @sqw -

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this along to my team.

It’s possible that there are some challenges caused by the operating and storage environment of your Glowforge. Please check out the manual for guidance (search for Operating Environment) on temperature and humidity – this could have an effect on how your Glowforge is performing.