Please send me my order! Honestly this is frustrating!

I ordered April 30 a Basic model. Many emails to support are NO HELP. Just send me my Glowforge! All the responses from support are very polite - and canned. Are you really following up and checking? So, you had an issue with shipping - I totally get it. We all make mistakes. But Customer Service 101 - make it right to your customer. Jump through hoops to make sure they are taken care of. GAH I’m am frustrated with Glowforge right now.

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Same here!! Glowforge needs to fix this now! If we have to wait another month I am going to be furious! Your customer service needs to step up their game! I have gotten no answers.


There’s this pandemic thing going on, which is affecting all sorts of production and supply chains out there, not to mention issues with the shipping carriers themselves… And having worked in a support capacity myself, I can tell you that most of the time I could either work on solving the problem OR I could instead spend all my time explaining the problem. I generally operated on the assumption that people would rather have the problem solved, so I focused on that. So have faith that they’re working hard behind the scenes to solve your problem and get your machine to you. The “canned responses,” as you call them, are your assurance of that. Long, personalized, unique replies take them away from being able to actually do something about your issue, which is why “canned” responses exist.

We all know it’s frustrating, but a lot of us waited 2 1/2 years to get our machines, so try and have a little patience during this weird time, and be thankful you’re only waiting days or weeks. :wink:


After we paid in full!


I certainly appreciate your thoughts and response. But this isn’t a pandemic shipping issue. There are many others who ordered weeks after me and have already received their Glowforge. And that is my issue. I paid in full up front. Others ordering after me are having their orders filled first. Can you see how frustrating that is? Additionally this isn’t about you ordering and waiting 2 1/2 years - that was the deal you made. And I want an answer. If they are following up - then tell me that. Something like, I’ve contacted the shipping people and we are getting this handled. See how easy that would be?

Have you checked your email spam or promotion folders for a reply?

I certainly have. And will continue to do so.

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Out of curiosity, how do you know when other people ordered their machines?

Just a quick look and I’m seeing May 21 orders being received on May 27.

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Where are you looking? I didn’t even know that info was published.

May 18 order - received May 22!!!

Where are you getting that information? Do you have a link?

It’s all over FB - go to Glowforge User Group.

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That FB group isn’t the most reliable source. It’s filled with both good and truly terrible information.


It’s good enough for this topic.

not if it isn’t accurate information.

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Actually no, it wasn’t. It was supposed to be like 2 months. :wink:


Different models have different shipping times depending on factory production / availability. You can’t always compare your shipping time to that of another customer. Your model may be waiting on a new production run, which may be waiting on availability of parts, which may be waiting on a shipping delay because UPS and FedEx are operating at higher volume right now than even their usual Christmas deluge.

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It’s accurate. I at least have an email confirmation from Glowforge support stating that. I just want to get my order. I don’t want to debate with you on whether or not someone would take the time to post a pic of their selves with a unopened Glowforge box saying “look what arrived today.”

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I think they offer an expedited delivery option at the time of purchase, which may explain the discrepancy. Also, be sure you aren’t looking at people with a different model of machine. They may be having COVID-related production delays for parts used on certain models.

It’s a great machine, and you will be happy when you get it. I guess my advice would be to use the extra time to read up on the machine features and look at some of the projects people have posted so you can get the most out of it when it arrives.