Please send me my order! Honestly this is frustrating!

my next door neighbor is a UPS pilot. They are super busy at our Hub.

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One thing that can help to cut down on Support’s workload is not opening duplicate tickets that have to be resolved. So if you’ve already emailed them, don’t post here in Problems and Support. If you just want the community’s sympathy (and I promise we have plenty of that, but less so for people who come in swinging and wanting to fight), then post over in “Everything Else” instead. :slight_smile:


They didn’t use expedited delivery. I’m only comparing with others who also ordered the Basic model. AND Glowforge has admitted that this is a shipping error. So, no need to even debate this topic. And I would really like Glowforge to follow up on MY shipment. I believe a whole week of orders were missed. (I am assuming here from dates others are reporting) I get that there was a mistake. I am wanting them to correct the issue. Send me my shipment. Make this right. Customer Service 101.

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Sorry, I thought this was the correct place to report my issue. And i do not want to swing or fight. I just want them to ship my order.


Ok, cool. It sounds like you’ve already been in contact with them, and I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to take care of you.

So you know, the folks here on the forum trying to help you are not Glowforge employees, just fanatic customers. So we don’t know what they know, or what they’ve told you.

Hang tight; they will definitely see your comments here, and someone from the company will follow up with you.


I get that there could have been a glitch with the orders. Stuff happens. They still can’t make it right until they actually have machines to ship. I can guarantee you they are scrambling behind the scenes to make that happen. I’ve had my own share of issues since I received my original GF and they have always bent over backwards to make it right as quickly as possible. That’s why I defend them so staunchly. Hang in there. We feel your pain, I promise.


We are working around the clock to get this sorted out and to have orders ship properly. We’ve been trying to protect everyone from any COVID-19 related issues, and haven’t always been able to do that. In this case, users from the Facebook group helped us identify an issue with our shipping system and we’re getting it resolved. I’m truly sorry for the disappointment, extra-so because it’s part of your first experience with the company and it’s during such a challenging time in the world.

The team here cares deeply and truly is working hard to get everyone their orders and their answers as rapidly as we can.

Since we’re working by email, I’m going to close this thread. We will keep you updated with information as quickly as we can get our hands on it!