Pleather Test Fob/Tag/Keychain

I was excited to try out some of the Saddle Collection faux leather. After a mix up I got a sample of the black. It is really neat to engrave because it is metallic silver. I have only done a few real leather projects so far.

The fake stuff is really thin and soft. I may try to cut some chipboard to stiffen up other projects. I wanted to finish the edges so I tried some “leather paint” from Michaels. The fabric baking soaked it up after two coats. I might need to splurge and try the Angelus stuff, my local store does not carry it and could not wait for two day shipping from Amazon.

Here is close up of the edge, not much detail sorry.


Wow! I’ve only tried cork fabric. Thanks for sharing your progress with this faux leather.

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Are you sure that the material is made of a plastic GF can burn without releasing a byproduct? I thought most Pleather was PU leather, something that shows up on the don’t laser list: |Material|DANGER!|Cause/Consequence|
|PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)/vinyl/pleather/artificial leather|Emits chlorine gas when cut!|Don’t ever cut this material as it will ruin the optics, causes the metal of the machine to corrode as chlorine is released and ruins the motion control system.|

The product is specifically for laser use.


Like that it engraves silver!