Pledge Allegiance

I haven’t posted anything lately, been doing a bunch of other things. Any way I got around to cutting this Pledge Allegiance for my work area. I made the custom frame out of 5/8" pine square dowels and stained them dark walnut. I added decorative corner brackets. I cut the Pledge Allegiance with my Glowforge out of 1/8" Black Walnut hardwood. I used 1/2" plywood for the backer to give it strength. Finally I applied orange oil & bee’s wax to the Black Walnut to protect & to enhance the grain of the wood. Measures 19" X 14"


How unusual and beautiful! Makes much more of a statement than just engraving it! :grinning:


Thank You Jules.

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You did such a nice job on the typography!

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Thank You, I used a pattern from Sheila Landry Designs. She has a lot of very nice designs.

very nicely done :sunglasses::glowforge:

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Awesome looking piece. Thank you for the link.

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Thank You, Your Welcome

@rmaker1952 Very beautiful and inspirational. Congratulations!

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Thank you, Have a great day & stay safe.