Plexiglass ornaments and cake toppers

I currently have two larger format lasers I use in my business for cutting stencils and templates for face and body painting, but I like to play with different materials. Here are some xmas ornaments and a cake topper I made for my daughters wedding.


Beautiful! I can see making these from silhouettes of special photos, too!

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Very nice! Does anyone know if the glowforge will cut lps? (vinyl records?)

Sorry, @PlGHEADED–no dice. LPs have chlorine in them, and so will mess up your laser and your lungs. The best answer that people have is cutting a piece of black acrylic into an LP shape with whatever other cutouts you want. Not so satisfying, unfortunately.

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As @morganstanfield said, we may not be able to cut records, but with some black acrylic and this awesome instructable, I bet we could get something that will fool a lot of people until they take a closer look!!


I love all of these, but i think the legend of Zelda one is my fav


I did those for my older-gamer son…lol


Thanks for the info. On a seperate but kind of related note - as something to ponder. If the GF can do 3d or depth as well, what are the possibilities of making an album out of plexiglass or acrylic ( ie cutting the grooves?). Hmmm… There are programs that will take an mp3 and change that to a “3d cut record” for trying to make a wooden record on a cnc I believe. Of course your needle life would be short and sound quality… but the idea is interesting…

If the output for the design file is a greyscale raster with depth as a gradient, gf could_potentially do that upto 1000dpi… to paraphrase other topics and information.

You may want to check out the Laser Cut Records thread!

Waiting as patiently as I can for the GF and I finally got time on a laser so I was inspired to make some birthday cake toppers. These are in mirrored gold acrylic.


I love 'em! How cool will it be to make custom phrases for cake and flower picks?!


Love those. I recently made a cake topper for a wedding and one for a baby shower. Great job on yours.


These are cool! What settings did you use and where did you get the acrylic?

Sorry! These were done on an Epilog so long ago, I don’t remember!