Plus stopped working midday through a cut job - NO laser firing

My Glowforge Plus just stopped working right in the middle of a print. I was cutting a sign and realized that it only cut a part and didn’t cut the rest. I did a test to cut a square but laser did not fire. I cleaned the mirror and the lens but no laser is firing and no activity in the tube. what should I do? Its the weekend - support is shut and i signed up for a huge fair which is Saturday 17 and i am freaking out. I do have the glowforge extended warranty. Any ideas what i should do or how I can get help faster.

Contacting is about the only thing you can do. If you’ve done that, did you receive an automated reply? If so, they have received your request and they will get back to you…albeit sometimes more slowly than we’d like.


Include the time of the failed print and pics. The machine will have to be replaced. It’s either the tube has expired, or a failed power supply.

Dealing with the 3rd-party warranty company will slow things down even more.


I did get an automated reply. Hoping that they get back to me soon.

Mine did the exact same thing. I have an event on the 17th as well. I sent a message on 9/11 and received the automatic reply but nothing else so far.

This is so infuriating- no way to get in touch with them

If you sent a request thru the support system, you have gotten in touch with them. It can take several business days for them to respond. This isn’t a business machine, it’s a budget craft machine, and support is reflected in that.

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