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Hi. So I bought my Glowforge a few months back now and have been trying to make some products in order to get a business running from home. However I’m open to ideas as I haven’t yet chosen any one product to focus on which I know may be important at some point.

My biggest hurdle however is that which I yet have no knowledge about and one of the biggest barrier is not knowing the correct material for the correct product.

I see many product images with different colour wood, I understand it could be different types of wood or stains but again I don’t know and I tried purchacing 3mm plywood locally in U.K., West Midlands, but it turned out to be really bad quality. How do I know what to buy and for what? any help appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m going to shift your post to the Beyond the Manual section so you can get some input from the “experts”. (Glowforge doesn’t offer opinions on non-Proofgrade materials.)

You might have the best luck with Baltic Birch on the woods, it’s generally better quality, is a nice light color that takes stain well, and it’s inexpensive. ( Also usually available online.)

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hi, ok thanks il check out baltic birch

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I just want to “second” Jules’ recommendation for Baltic Birch plywood. I cut a LOT of 1/8" (3mm) Baltic Birch, and it usually cuts very well.

I used the settings for the Proofgrade Maple Plywood, and it works pretty well.

I’ve also tried cutting 1/4" plywood, but I find it does not cut as well. There are often spots that are thicker and don’t cut through. I find it faster and cheaper to cut 1/8" twice and glue it together.


Third for baltic birch - you can source it at Amazon for really good pricing and it’s consistent in cutting / etching / etc. I use a ton of it!

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Oh great advice. Thanks I will keep note of that. Very helpful :+1:

Oh thanks very much. I will check it out. Very helpful :+1: