Poke Bow Tie

Boyfriend and I made plans for our first trip in a while, so I decided this required at least one forged bow tie. I tried out a couple different designs and themes but settled on a Pokemon bow tie.

My first design was going to have fabric around the center and actually go around his neck, but I ended up going with the pokeball-knot and used a magnetic clasp to hold it in place instead. The third design got too crowded, so the middle tie won out.

The dramatic pose and lighting were completely on accident. He just go distracted mid-photo.

Bonus: Gundam Wing Bow Tie Prototype
I originally wanted to make a Gundam bow tie, and I basically have the design down. It just happens to be about twice the size of a normal bow tie at the moment, and I ran out of time to redo this one.


Very clever! :sunglasses::+1:


Wow … this gives a lot of food for thought! Good job!


Amazing! I think you just started a new industry.


That’s is awesome! can you post a picture of what you used for a clip on the backside? I am trying to figure out how to make clips for some bow ties I’d like to but have no idea what or how to make clips.

These are what I’ve been using for the bow ties.

I really like them because they’re so easy to attach to the bow tie, they’re really secure, and the bit that would actually touch skin is plastic. My boyfriend has requested some with an actual cloth band in the future, but that might just be a personal preference thing.


How strong is the adhesive? You think it’ll fail at some point?

That is what I am using on the back of acrylic name badges that I make. So far so good. I haven’t had anyone report back that they have failed.