Polaroid Frame


I’ve been having a lot of fun with the glowforge. I knocked out the Polaroid picture frame pre-loaded into my account. I’m happy with the design but it’s much too small for an actual Polaroid. I had to trim this one down a bit. Perhaps this was made for the Fuji Instax sized film and people use Polaroid interchangeably like Xerox or Kleenex. In any event- now I need to make another one for Shackleton’s sister.


Love the design! Very retro! :grinning:


Love that! Using the living hinge on the back was a really good idea.


I love the living hinge, also! Thinking there will be one in every project possible when we get our unit!

This turned out really nice.


Very nice! Named after Ernest?


awesome work dude… the cat said to his owner


the very one!


Anytime I feel that life is coming down too hard on me I think of “Endurance”.

Great composure and lighting in that shot BTW.


This frame is purr-ty awesome. I hope your cat appreciates it as much as we do! Great use of living hinge. :slight_smile:


That pun was so forced that it hurts.

I love it :stuck_out_tongue:


groan. :laughing: