Political Art on Tile

Hello friends,

We ordered my GF in 2015, got it in 2017. This is my first post, so please be gentle: I’m sharing me and my wife’s latest endeavor in making this year a little brighter for our family and everyone else by using our magical machine for making silly political art. We’ve come up with a COVID-19 theme, inspired by people and events affecting us all. In the meantime, we have created the ‘Corona-Quartet’

- Dr. Anthony Fauci “Wear your f*cking mask”
- Dr. Anthony Fauci “Wash your f*cking hands”
- Governor Chris Cuomo “That’s My Type”
- Trump “Make masks great again”

And with the looming TikTok ban, this is our comeback:
“Trump vs. TikTok”

A little about the manufacturing process:

I’ve learned a lot from folks here about best practices on tile engraving and after much trial-and-error, we found out that the ideal setting for Datile 6X6 tiles is: Full Power / 600 Speed / 180 LPM/450 LPI. The material thickness ~7.8mm/0.3in. Anyone who’s tried their luck with tile coloring knows that It’s easier to color more intricate designs, as the coloring comes out more consistent, but after trying a bunch of options, we settled on Sharpie industrial-grade markers which are heat resistant and seem to embed themselves very well into the material. For cleanup, we landed on Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Spong. Alternating between both sides of the sponge produces best cleanup results without having to recolor, as sometimes happen with the more costly “Mr. Clean” sponge. Unlike in most cases in life, using a lesser product actually worked better.

Enjoy and stay safe and healthy!


Interesting that different sponges give different cleaning.

I’ve been using spray paint recently which works really well. I then scrape it off with a craft knife


I’ve thought about it, but I’ve only had multiple colors projects so far, and it seems a bit excessive to do several spraying, cleaning, masking stages etc. I’ll definitely try it though. Thanks!

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