Poll: Okay guys, and this time I do mean the guys specifically:


Ginger or MaryAnn?

  • Ginger
  • MaryAnn

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Mrs. Howell is probably whining on to Thurston about now


Uhhh… Girls can’t say their choice?! What the heck’s that about?!


Trying to develop some insight here into how the male mind functions. (Already know how girls think.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Umm… the male mind begs the question: “Why is “BOTH” not an option?”


Guess I was old school enough to not consider that one…ROFL!

If you HAD to make a choice though…


Except the question is not posted correctly. It’s the Edsel Conundrum.

Phrased correctly the results would be flipped. :slight_smile:


How should it be phrased? Come to think of it, I left the question off entirely, didn’t I?:smile:


I asked Captain Awesome. He says Ginger = Redhead and MaryAnn sounds Blonde

Edit: He prefers Brunettes


Have you never seen Gilligans island? (You lucky duck!). :smile:

Mary Ann’s a brunette.


MaryAnn is a brunette! haha


@Jules @mpipes

I need to Netflix this show! LOL LOL LOL


Neither. MaryAnn is now 78 and Ginger is 83.

Everyone else on the show is dead.


Some people are into that kinda thing.


Also, Betty over Wilma and Veronica over (the other) Betty.


I’m tired of being arm candy to older women.


The Edsel Conundrum pointed out the profound impact of the question on the results.

The Ford Edsel was the most extensively researched and consumer tested car in history (to that time). Yet it bombed massively. Ugliest car ever built (AMC Pacer notwithstanding). Pathetic sales. But all the pre-development research said it would be a hit. Everyone asked said they’d buy it. It had all the features people said they wanted - safety, family oriented, big spaces inside, etc.

After it bombed they went back and changed the question they asked from “what matters to you in picking a car to buy” to “why does your neighbor buy a car”. Safety & family dropped to the bottom of the list and speed and sportiness went to the top.

People say what they think they should when asked about personal choices.

So the correct question here is “which of these two do you think most other guys prefer”.


I’ll do that one next then. :smile:
(There isn’t any right or wrong answer though…I was just curious.)


huh, didn’t expect that ratio after 20 votes.

I just couldn’t not hit a button basically LOL