Poll privileges?

Do we need special privileges to make polls? I was working through the advanced user training for the forum, but can’t finish it without making a poll. I’m stuck. :frowning:

I deliberately did not post this in support because I know they have enough to do… hoping someone else can help!

Not sure, but it worked for me:

  • Yes
  • No

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Anyone can do one - IIRC, you just set it up in the reply to the robot.

I can’t. I have no poll option in the gear menu and when I try to type it in manually, it tells me that I’m not allowed to post polls.

I can vote in a poll. :wink:


Hmmmm…it’s been a while since I took it (month or so) but it was in there for me. _(Already was a Regular, but that has nothing to do with the certification.)

I don’t know, but if you have an issue with it you need to contact Discourse, (not Glowforge), apparently it’s their bot. (And they have done away with the easy method for doing that.) :neutral_face:

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Ok. Thanks! I don’t have that option, so I’m assuming there’s some sort of permissions issue at hand. I’m not an “owner” so maybe that’s it, although I don’t know why that would preclude me from creating a poll. It’s not a huge deal, but I was kind of enjoying the tutorial. I wish I had noticed it earlier! I just sort of glanced over that initial message.

Ah yes, that may very well be it. Guests do have reduced privileges in a couple of places.

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Is there a way to move beyond “guest” before I make a purchase or am I stuck here until then? I wonder if anyone has had a problem with people going rogue making polls? :rofl:

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Also, I have a hedgehog, so your avatar always makes me smile!


Drive by pollings are a real threat.


Hedgie fans are always welcome! :grinning:

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