[POLL] Would you ask a refund NOW if you would be promised you'd be able to buy the GF on the final release date at the same price you paid initially?

Would you ask a refund NOW if you would be promised you’d be able to buy the GF on the final release date at the same price you paid initially?

  • Yes, please!
  • Not for me, no
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I don’t understand the reasoning behind this, but I’ve seen a few people ask for it. Anyone care to explain? To me, it just seems like moving money around. What’s the benefit of having money for 6 months?

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I’m on the same page here. If I got the money back I would just have to keep is separate to ensure I didn’t end up spending it on lots of little things here and there.


The way i see this is just a “insurance” that the product will turn out to be real for the masses and the company is not going bankrupt in the path…


If it was charged to a credit card you could save yourself the years’ worth of interest.


One thing that most people dont know is that glowforge has to pay a fee to issue refunds like that. I ordered a pro and got a refund for the filter, as I dont need it. I got all of my money back, but it cost them ~ $100 to issue that refund to me. If they did that for all 15k customers it would be a massive loss for them. That doesnt even include the hassle of dealing with financial issues, people wanting to keep their place in line even if they cant afford to rebuy at that time. etc.

It sounds like a logistics nightmare. I wouldnt agree to that if I was in charge.


The benefit is that people will be relieved of the risk… its only for six months assuming they actually hit this new deadline. Which, honestly, why would we believe thats going to happen? That means for 6 (or more) months we regain both control and the earning potential of our own money. It also means that if the company went under (no i dont think they will) that we are protected from that loss as well.

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Na, I’d rather it stay where it is. I’d be to tempted to buy something else and then I wouldn’t have a laser.

No real point anyway. The price has increased and they won’t be offering this option.


Gotta say no as well. The CC i put the glowforge on is already paid off! Now to sit patiently and hope it arrives as soon as they say!

It did not cost them $120 to offer a refund to you. It is true that refunds/chargebacks can be passed on depending on the merchant agreement, but a $600 charge did not cost them $120 to process a refund on.

I agree that it didnt cost them $120 to issue the refund. Thats ridiculous. Also, while it would indeed cost them money, theyve likely made over $300,000 in interest alone just from holding our money. (Based on dans earlier interest post)

@dawime @sameolegrind , I dont appreciate you implying that I am lying.


Is there some expectation that this thread (and several others posted today) will actually achieve something?


Is it infer or imply? (Just kidding… I don’t know)


ha yeah. thx =)

I didnt imply you were lying. I just didnt believe that THEY were charged that much. What you showed isnt $120. And i still dont see why the charge would ever be that high for that size purchase. I run a business myself and i know that i would never be charged $100 to refund $600.

why would they make that up? why would they include that? maybe they have a different arrangement with their payment processor than you.

I was mistaken in the amount. it was closer to 102 than 120. its been a while since that occurred. Either way, $100 isnt a trivial amount for 15k people. thats 1.5million.

I know theyll issue you a refund if you want it, but I dont really think they are going to give anyone any money unless its for a cancellation. Its just too much trouble

No idea why. But i also dont know why a company that likely does more payment transactions and definitely does higher purhase cost volume than me, or others i know, would pay such a large fee on a relatively low refund amount (600)

Really? Money makes money.

If you want to generate return on your money in some other way, get your refunds and do it. Buy the street price Glowforge later with the profits you made.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too.