Polyurethane Leather (PVC Free) - Safe?

I was wondering if it’s safe to cut Polyurethane Leather? It’s PVC Free and according to this site (http://www.lasercuttingshapes.com/materials/) they say Polyurethane is laser safe. The only question is their site only refers to foam. I just wanted to make sure, from either Glowforge or the community that it is safe. I’m really interested in vegan materials/fabrics. Suggestions? Thanks everyone!

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for ease of checking it out I would imagine that if they are marketing it as laser safe then it probably is. they would have to accept some level of liability if it were not but you can always check the MSDS and if you are at all uncomfortable cutting the material then don’t.

Looks like there is a version that is fairly safe. http://www.debralynndadd.com/q-a/the-toxicity-of-polyurethane/ That said, always ask for the msds

This site, https://www.discounteddesignerfabrics.com/shop/g771-brown-pvc-free-polyurethane-faux-leather-leatherette/ sells this type of leather I’m interested in. It says: Content:100% Polyurethane (Pvc/Lead Free), 34Oz. Flammability: UFAC CLASS 1/CA. 117 #E, but doesn’t say anything about MSDS. I actually contacted the store and they are getting the msds for me. What should I be looking for…toxic fumes from vaporization?

On another note…would this material be safe? https://www.discounteddesignerfabrics.com/shop/gray-microsuede-upholstery-fabric/ It says it’s 100% Woven Polyester? From what I’ve read…polyester is safe. Any past users of this material with photos of the engraving look?

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Depends on the faux leather. The original pleather, definitely not, but some of the new stuff is supposed to be. I’ve seen vegan-leather laser cut shoes (of course maybe they don’t care so much about the workers as the shoes) and I’ve found chemical descriptions that imply it would be laser safe. I’ve also had difficulty finding suppliers in quantities for less than a factory, although it looks like some of those links may have solved that issue.

FYI - The msds is now the sds (at least in the US) though most people I think still say msds.

What should one look for in an SDS or MSDS in order to determine whether or not a material is safe for laser cutting or engraving? Chlorinated compounds are an obvious indicator and I gather that certain adhesives can be problematic as well, but what are the specific indicators?


I just ran across this stuff, kraft tex. It looks like it will be fun to play with. I’m definitely getting some of it to try.