Poof has landed, Without a pass through slot

Managed to get the box on small rollers and into the room, the rest will be a challenge, as I am maxed out for pain for a while.


Well congratulations, I’m glad he’s back. (See if a neighbor can give you a hand getting it on the table…don’t try to do it alone.)


Glad Puff is home… hope you can recruit some help!


So glad it’s back! Definitely a 2 person job.


Well today I got the top off the box and can inspect the machine so it is definitely Puff2, a Refurb as much that was wear and tear is not there but most significantly the Laser tube has some copper staining (so it is not virgin) but not as much as Puff the first.
However YIKES As far as I can tell there is no pass through slot!!! I can’t do a photo as I need to feel with my fingers but I am pretty sure both are missing!

I just fired off a message to support - If it takes another two weeks it will be a nightmare,

Uh-oh! Whoops!

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the best photo of the front inside I can get

I got a reply saying the there should be another week before getting an actual Pro that I hope the two can pass in the night going each way,

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