Poor Connection Performance Improvement Request

At a craft show right now and finding out that we have really bad cell reception in this building. I thought this would be something we can work around, but the machines are not optimized to deal with poor connections, and it is killing us.

If we lose connection during a job, no big deal. If we get connection restored before the job ends, operations continue as normal when the cut finishes.

The problem is that any time we lose connection while a job is NOT running, the machine decides that it must go through the entire homing process when it does get a connection restored. And often the connection is failing to remain stable through the full homing process, causing it to stall and restart.

So, a feature request:

If the door remains closed (something the machine should be able to keep track of without an internet connection) and the machine remains powered on, please remember the status of homing/centering process (to include not needing to run it at all since it was already done at boot up).


Interesting request…

Glad you’re able to be at a show with your GF!

And totally understand the poor cell reception & thus drop outs using a hot spot–not all that uncommon at venues, actually.

And even if an event has wifi available, many shows I do have to specify to vendors that the wifi use is only using for sales since there isn’t the bandwidth to support more than that–so always good to confirm with the show organizers before planning to take your GF!


Long time no post Jacob, good to see our resident Physicist… one of the original 77.
Yeah, too bad about the connection, I think that idea is a good one for the Hopper. Difficult to man your booth when you are over at the window waving your phone around!


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve let the team know about your request.