Poor customer service response

I have been going back in forth with glowforge via email for the past two weeks trying to get my machine replaced. I maybe get 1 response every 1-4 days. They have said they will send a replacement, but no one will actually send an invoice and get the machine actually shipped. How is it acceptable to have absolutely no available support. Having no more than one response per day is completely unacceptable. My business is now out a bunch of money because of orders I have lost because no one will respond. How can this be rectified??

They do have support. You’ve gone back and forth with them. You know the names of the people helping you. It might help to put faces to those names. Here are their pictures and bios:

They’re real people, all Glowforge support is in-house, and your posting this complaint has emailed it directly to the same people that have been helping you.

One of those dozen or so people that have been working with you will have to spend time closing and merging this additional ticket before they can get back to helping you.

It does take some time to get the invoice and shipping labels once they’ve determined you need a replacement machine. They have to check inventory with their fulfillment partners to see what’s in the warehouses, which probably requires a few round trip emails they need to wait on. They have to set up the return with another logistics company so they will be expecting your old machine in the mail, and have to make up that RMA paperwork in their system. They have to make up a draft order in their Shopify store for your replacement, and apply any warranty/repair discounts so the invoice is for the right amount. They have to quote and purchase the return label from FedEx for you. Combined, all these things that have to happen before they can email you back are almost certainly a multi-day process.

You should have them in hand soon. You’ll have to be patient.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention! We’ve responded to your email, and I humbly apologize that we haven’t been prompt. I’ll make sure that we keep an eye out for your responses so we get you back up and printing just as soon as possible. I’m also talking to my manager about how we can make sure that this doesn’t happen again.