Poor shipping service

Posting here because I can’t seem to get an actual answer by email.

I ordered Proofgrade materials on Nov 6. Order R315563680. My card was charged on the 7th.
By the 20th I still hadn’t received a shipping notice so I e-mailed support as I needed to drive down to my USA shipping address to pick up some other items. The response was that it would be checked into, which indicated to me that it probably hadn’t shipped, so I made the trip. Turned out half the order was there. I let GF know that on the 21st and asked to be informed about the remaining items.
On the 25th support responded that it was being looked into.
Nov 30th I received another email saying the missing material had been reordered and that shipping information would be provided later.
Dec 10th I got an email apologizing for the poor communication and asking “…how we can help in the future.” I replied that letting me know if the replacement materials were sent, and if not when they would be, would be a good start.
A week later andstill no word.
I could complain about the delays and expense this has caused me, but what’s the point.
Just let me know what’s happening to my order, or give me my money back.


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I am terribly sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced with your order. I just followed up with you in an email, so I’m going to close this thread.